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“This course was exactly what I needed! Although I am a vet in hiring and managing teams, I had zero experience hiring a Virtual team. This course was spot on and made the process very easy! Thank you!”

Michelle M

“Wonderfully laid out, clean cut, and easy to follow along. Learned tons and looking forward to more courses! Thank You!”

Nate Pharmer-Eden

“I followed the process and hired a new VA. They helped me free up a lot of time to focus on expanding my real estate business. Easy, works. ”

Nick S

“This course taught me how to hire my first virtual social media manager for my construction business. We followed the steps and have had major success. Our socials have grown by 10x and allowed us to connect with more clients and vendors. ”

Joao M

“I used this course to hire my first virtual assistant for my e-commerce business. I wish I knew this information when I started. It was digestible and impactful. We're looking to expand our team further in the near future.”

Sean F

“Simple and clean. This was easy to understand and implement. Well worth it. ”

Holly N

“GREAT COURSE! This course was perfect for learning useful info on hiring & managing a virtual team. I feel way more confident leaning into the process of not only forming a team but managing effectively, communicating clearly, and remediating potential problems that can come up. thank you for this course!”

Jackie B


Cole Farrell

Cole is the Founder and CEO of Volcan Capital where he is the lead partner in over $4M+ of apartments . He is also the founder and host of MMM (Multifamily Mastery Meetup) with 5 live chapters and an online platform. Cole has over $2M+ in small apartment flip experience as well as a Bachelor in Finance and an MBA.